SEHE AKA Skype Event Handler Example
Date: Friday, September 05 @ 04:08:48 EDT
Topic: 3rd Party Applications For Skype

SEHE was created for developers but has many uses, not only does SEHE show what goes on behind the scenes of the Skype client, it is also a GREAT test tool and excellent example of using the Microsoft C# 2008 Express edition to interface to Skype, which is free as well as showing Microsoft ClickOnce Technology in use for installing applications from a web server as well as auto-updating them as often as required.

The entire Microsoft C# 2008 project including source is available once SEHE is installed and the "Click for Help with this program link" in the upper left of the SEHE program window is clicked on.

For more information, simply click on any of the pictures of SEHE below, download and install SEHE and then click on the "Click for Help with this program link" located in the upper left of the SEHE program window. SEHE can be removed at anytime using the Add/Remove programs option from you control panel:

Click Here To Download SEHE

Click one of the Pictures To Download SEHE

Click Here To Download SEHE

Or Click This Link To Download SEHE

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