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Date: Tuesday, January 06 @ 23:00:00 EST
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It's important to note that this interface is dual purpose. It can be used to securely access your IP Cameras for personal use as well as in webpages on websites for public access securely by others. Using HTTP or HTTPS access modes even for IP cameras that don't support HTTPS. Never exposing any information about your IP cameras DDNS, ISP IP Address, Port or User credentials.

The Interface works with all IP Camera models.

Here is an example of adding an optional transparent .png image for a help button that can be merged with your IP Cameras images. Which you can also make clickable as your IP Cameras images are being displayed in real-time. Both for static and automatic refreshing real-time images from your IP Cameras:


Live example below of the IP Camera used above. Using automatic real-time refreshed images from the same IP Camera. Once you use the link below. When you click on the "Help" button area you are taken to the first post here. Any other area in the IP Cameras image is not clickable:

The IP Camera being used above is a Foscam FI8904W. Which is a MJPEG based IP Camera that does not natively support HTTPS access methods. This Interface allows both HTTP and HTTPS access methods to be used with any IP Camera.

The server providing the HTTPS example below using the same IP Camera as above. Is using a self-signed certificate for demonstration purposes. So you will see a warning message because of that, when using the link below:

If you view the HTML source code for the above examples. You will see that absolutely nothing is exposed about the IP Camera being used in the examples. No DDNS, no ISP IP Address, no Port or User credentials are exposed or made known. Making the use of this Interface for private and public use to access your IP Cameras. Totally secure.

The Interface itself is also protected from direct use as well. Example:

Restricting how and where the interface can be used from. The Interface also supports forcing the username and password of your choice in order to access the Interface as an option. With as many IP Cameras being displayed at the same time as you choose.

This specific image used in these examples shown here for the help button, is in the public domain and is free to use and can be found, edited, resized and/or downloaded there. All at the same website below:

https://openclipart.org/detail/109645/h ... -by-jhnri4

Just wanted to give you some idea of how easy it is to find/locate images in the public domain that can be used to merge with your real-time IP Cameras images. Without any need or requirement to be a graphics artist. Which you can also make clickable, if you desire or to simply use as a watermark or logo.

Complete details about all the abilities of this totally secure Interface for your IP Cameras ("Which are many"), can be found here:


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