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SaveOnTelephoneBills.com: 3rd Party Applications For Skype

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 Axis IP Camera Live Train Control Demonstration

3rd Party Applications For SkypeThis Interface shown below. Can be used with any IP Camera/NVR/DVR/VMS that supports pulling snapshots using HTTP and/or HTTPS and is accessible from any Internet browser capable devices.

From Computers to Tablets and Phones to TV's. That are using any Operating System and Browsers. Without downloading/installing any Plug-Ins or Media Players and IP Camera image refresh bandwidth can be controlled as well. Which makes it great for web pages in websites as well as for personal use from any of your Internet browser capable devices.


Added live Axis IP Camera demos. Here's one that even allows you to start a train with all IP Camera controls:

Another without IP Camera controls but with digital zoom:

Another without any IP Camera controls and with a thermal image from the IP Camera above:

The Interface supports both HTTP and HTTPS and optionally prompting for access. Even if the IP Cameras does not support HTTPS. Unique User Id and Password that has nothing to do with the IP Cameras can also be used. The example below is using a self-signed certificate so you will see a warning. User: admin Password: admin

All Live IP Camera Examples can be found here:

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 Hikvision Network IP Camera Live Demonstrations

3rd Party Applications For SkypeLive demonstrations of using Hikvision Network IP Cameras in web pages on websites with PTZ ("Pan/Tilt/Zoom") and Preset controls. Which are compatible with any Internet browser capable devices using any Operating System and browser. No browser plugins or media players are required to ever be downloaded and/or installed at anytime.

Nothing about the Network IP Cameras are exposed when using any of the examples below. No IP Address, No DDNS, No Port or User Credentials.

Bandwidth throttling interval delays and viewing time limits can also optionally be imposed to use a button to prompt to continue after a set period of viewing time of your Network IP Cameras has been reached and/or to jump to another web page on your website. To better help limit bandwidth usage and/or abuse. Example:

Two Hikvision live examples with PTZ, Presets and Zoom lenses: Indoor Outdoor ("Using 4 and 3 second interval delays respectively")

You can also optionally require mandatory User credentials using the values of your choice to access the Network IP Cameras on your website by your website visitors. Same Network IP Cameras and delays as above, User: admin Password: admin Indoor Outdoor

HTTPS vs. HTTP can be used as well. Please note that the test server being used for these examples is using a self-signed certificate so you will see a warning when using these example HTTPS links. Same IP Cameras and delays as above:

Secure Indoor Secure Outdoor

User: admin Password: admin

Secure Indoor Login Required Secure Outdoor Login Required

Example: Google is now ranking websites that use HTTPS higher than websites that use HTTP:

Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites

The total number of lines of code is less than 200 lines for both the client ("Browser side") and web server side combined, to provide all the functionality you see shown here using these examples.

Of course the delays being used in the examples can be removed and the default Network IP Camera images can be larger than the examples used here. You can use the PTZ and Preset controls with live full-motion video or use automatic refreshed images as the examples are using here in your web pages on your websites.

Any Hikvision Network IP Camera that has a RS485 interface can also use add on horizontal pan brackets for Hikvision Network IP Cameras that don't/didn't support PTZ when you purchased it. Like these examples:

Click for add On PTZ

This Interfaces details:

Click for more details


Posted by venus on Monday, July 20 @ 00:00:00 EDT (1689 reads)
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 IP Camera Demo

3rd Party Applications For SkypeIt's important to note that this interface is dual purpose. It can be used to securely access your IP Cameras for personal use as well as in webpages on websites for public access securely by others. Using HTTP or HTTPS access modes even for IP cameras that don't support HTTPS. Never exposing any information about your IP cameras DDNS, ISP IP Address, Port or User credentials.

The Interface works with all IP Camera models.

Here is an example of adding an optional transparent .png image for a help button that can be merged with your IP Cameras images. Which you can also make clickable as your IP Cameras images are being displayed in real-time. Both for static and automatic refreshing real-time images from your IP Cameras:


Live example below of the IP Camera used above. Using automatic real-time refreshed images from the same IP Camera. Once you use the link below. When you click on the "Help" button area you are taken to the first post here. Any other area in the IP Cameras image is not clickable:

The IP Camera being used above is a Foscam FI8904W. Which is a MJPEG based IP Camera that does not natively support HTTPS access methods. This Interface allows both HTTP and HTTPS access methods to be used with any IP Camera.

The server providing the HTTPS example below using the same IP Camera as above. Is using a self-signed certificate for demonstration purposes. So you will see a warning message because of that, when using the link below:

If you view the HTML source code for the above examples. You will see that absolutely nothing is exposed about the IP Camera being used in the examples. No DDNS, no ISP IP Address, no Port or User credentials are exposed or made known. Making the use of this Interface for private and public use to access your IP Cameras. Totally secure.

The Interface itself is also protected from direct use as well. Example:

Restricting how and where the interface can be used from. The Interface also supports forcing the username and password of your choice in order to access the Interface as an option. With as many IP Cameras being displayed at the same time as you choose.

This specific image used in these examples shown here for the help button, is in the public domain and is free to use and can be found, edited, resized and/or downloaded there. All at the same website below:

https://openclipart.org/detail/109645/h ... -by-jhnri4

Just wanted to give you some idea of how easy it is to find/locate images in the public domain that can be used to merge with your real-time IP Cameras images. Without any need or requirement to be a graphics artist. Which you can also make clickable, if you desire or to simply use as a watermark or logo.

Complete details about all the abilities of this totally secure Interface for your IP Cameras ("Which are many"), can be found here:


Posted by venus on Tuesday, January 06 @ 23:00:00 EST (2159 reads)
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 Include Logo With IP Camera Images

3rd Party Applications For Skype*** Now Supports Adding Custom Logos and Images ***

Live H.264 Example IP Camera

Live MJPEG Example IP Camera

Posted by venus on Thursday, November 27 @ 23:00:00 EST (2284 reads)
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 Best Cheap Web Hosting Service

3rd Party Applications For SkypeGet All My Foscam IP Camera Developer Examples With One Hour Of One-On-One Support To Implement Them Click Here

Even if you currently don't have a Web Server or Hosting Service. It's easy to start doing so. For as little as $5 U.S. dollars a month. Using Hosting Services like as just one example DigitalOcean's Digital Cloud SSD ("Solid State Drive") VPS ("Virtual Private Servers") Hosting Services:

Click For More Information

Which I used specifically for the examples shown in my prior article here. As to not be subjected to any resource restrictions by a Shared Hosting Service. Which I used for my other prior examples shown here prior to the last examples show in my prior article here and also use normally as well. You can do this without any need use or register any Domain name. Also saving money.

Where you can configure your own flavor of Linux systems and options. To do things like this and also store other data from your IP Cameras. Like your own FTP interface without being subjected to any restrictions a Shared Hosting Service may have. Such as blocked ports, memory usage, process usage and other limits they may impose.

These are the Web Server resources being used with one copy of each example in the last article being run at the same time

Above Web Server was configured for these example with:

Ubuntu 12.04.3 x64 1GB Ram 30GB SSD Disk 2TB Transfer per Month Bandwidth Maximum

Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)

PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.9 with Suhosin-Patch

vsftp ("FTP")






swap file



The beauty about going this route, for IP Camera owners. Is that you can control every aspect of what software you use for your Web Server as well as stop/start the Web Server as needed to make changes. The IP Address is unique and can be used directly without any Domain name if needed. As the example here is doing.

The Web Server is your personal Web Server. Without being shared by others. So you have a clear view of the resource being used and also knowing that all those resources are your resources. So that you can do Web Server Tuning as well. It can also support as many Domains as you wish. In the event your currently have Web Sites and are under restrictions on a Shared Hosting Plan.

It's a great alternative method to store Snapshots and Videos for your IP Cameras, without the need to run your own system to do so 24/7/365. It also has built-in RAID ("Redundant Array of Independent Disks") so even a disk outage would not cause a loss of IP Camera files. After all the purpose of IP Cameras are security. So, having fault-tolerant disk storage is important. Even more so for multiple IP Cameras.

Click For More Information

I also wanted to set the stage for my next posts here. Which will be about providing secure real-time video from your IP Cameras and generating SMS messages, when your IP Cameras detect alarms or go offline or become unavailable.

While many IP Cameras have the ability to tell you when their ISP IP Address changes. None have the ability to tell you that they went offline and are not currently available.


Posted by venus on Friday, April 04 @ 00:00:00 EDT (3199 reads)
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Display IP Cameras In Web Pages Live Examples

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